June 4, 2016

The Thompson Hotel Playa Del Carmen

I spent a few much needed days doing a little r&r in Playa del Carmen last week...

One of my travel goals for this year is exploring Mexico off the beaten bath. Cancun is a lot of fun and has a lot of nice properties that suit my preferred adults only, luxury stays but, going a further than the traditional American comfort zone in Mexico has afforded me incredible unexpected experiences!

I visited Tulum about 5 years ago at the urging a friend/now expat who visited and never left. It was mind blowing and not all all the Mexico I'd come to know from those family visits to the Riviera Maya. So, when considering where to go for a few days for a mental break I decided to see what Playa Del Carmen had to offer.

The Thompson opened back in November and has been making quite the name of itself in the area. The Miami property is basically amazing so I knew this outpost wouldn't disappoint. The brand is new to the area and is off the beach (just a few blocks). Not to mention there is a Thompson Beach house which you have access to which the most perfect beds and a pool.

The Thompson is a boutique design hotel and so of course the decor is amazing. Our room was a great size, really comfortable and felt really luxe. After our first night we were upgraded to a room with two queen beds which was clutch! The actual inside of the hotel aside and the fact that the staff was quite possibly the most lovely and accommodating staff I've experienced almost anywhere. The entire reason to stay at this hotel is the roof top. It's E P I C!

You guys, when the elevator doors opened I felt like Kevin Hart. "I'm not readyyyyyyyyyyyy, I wasn't reeeeeeeeady!!!!" Sick. There's an airy gorgeous spot to have breakfast and lunch. I ate the shrimp and kale salad like I'd never been fed before. There's a dope version of Catch (New Yorkers we have one here too) for dinner. The views are vast and nearly 360. The hotel is only 4 floors up yet the tallest building in the area! All of that is amazing but the pool! OMG the pool... Watch the video below to truly understand.

Check out the video of our time in Playa here!

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