July 6, 2016

Easy Way To Look Chic When It's Hot

I've been looking for easy to wear and easier to pack dresses for my trip to Antigua - (I'm here now, it's amaaauzing, details in my next post!) More importantly, I needed a dress that would look pulled together and not cause one single solitary extra drop of sweat in this caribbean heat. This sundress is everything to me. First of all the jersey is so incredibly soft. Like, naked dress soft. The spaghetti straps are adjustable which is perfect for my long torso. Best part it's modern... you guys, I don't want to be boho ever second of ever summer day sheesh! The lace up detail is kinda sexy and I played it up with my lace up sandals. Lastly, I'm obsessed with this color. It suits my passion for kinda colors. It's kind of a color, it's not black it's not white, it's neutral...kinda. But not, but kinda ha, ok stop Kellie. Anyhoos, I love it. So comfy, so cute. Find it here.

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