July 15, 2016

Orange, Pink and NYC in Summer

People who complain about the weather are the worst, hence. I. am. the. worst. But like, points for knowing it??

Another orange dress worth taking a look at!
The Dolce & Gabbana bag I haven't put down for years. Check out an affordable option here!
My iPhone case is from Bad Meaning Good

New York City is doing this "give no effs" thing where it's 90 degrees AND humid AND crowded AND breezeless - and, and, and... Welcome to July! Just before the mass exodus to the Hamptons and after the novelty of hot in the city has worn off, yay. OMG you guys, what a little whiner I am today, I'd be sorry but there was sweat rolling down my back (and front) in this oh so summery dress. On the bright side, brights! Am I right? Who doesn't like a punch in the face full of color in summer? A bright dress and a bright bag are sure to brighten your high impact, full sun on your skull at high noon, muggy, sweaty NYC summer. Time to board a plane yet? Almost!

Get Colorful!

pink purse

Photos by Christina Emilie

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