August 5, 2016

Kendall Jenner Style in Plus Sizes

Say what you will about the Kardashian clan but Kendall Jenner has brilliantly set herself apart from the pack and her effortless minimal style makes my heart ache. Like actual physical chest pains because I want everything she owns.

It can be a challenge to see your fashion self in people who don't "look like you" but I believe plus girls take style inspiration from everywhere...including 5'11 thin super models. Why shouldn't we? I've rounded up a few things that "Kenny would totally wear" in size faaaaaht.

First you're going to need a pair of chic striped pants. Wear them with the bow tied now for summer and ditch the belt and add a closed toe ankle boot for fall. Bam! So good.

Bomber jackets are EVERYTHING right now and will be even more so once it's not 900 degrees in NYC and you can actually wear yours. This plus size option is killer, the lace up detail...wheeeew omg. Kendall does it with a cropped tee and kick ass jeans. you should too, obvi.

Here's your change to basically not wear a shirt. Don't act like this isn't a life dream of yours too. Plunging necklines are soooooo bomb but I love the flutter sleeve on this plus option because it makes it a little less nakie. Kendall is perfect (again) because the camel pant, white sneaker, leather jacket AND choker make this relaxed but super elevated. Yup, super.

P.S. there IS a such thing as a plus size choker and it's glorious!
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