August 9, 2016

Sonoma Valley's Farmhouse Inn

Over the river (bay) and through the woods (vineyards) about an hour and a half from the San Fransisco airport is one of the best hotels I've the world. Here's what makes the Farmhouse Inn so special.


Where to begin? It's not only that the Farmhouse Inn is much more boutique hotel than "inn", or that the obvious luxury is so approachable - not stuff, not uncomfortable not at all's that every single detail was considered. There isn't really a single thing you could conceive was already in motion. What do I mean? Ok, here are 5 amenities that the Farmhouse thought of before I did and it was ready waiting for me...

#1 An inn with a pool, amazing! Oh, but we are in northern California. Hot by day, cold by night. No problem. There's a gorgeous pool for when the sun is blazing and an hot tub that is really really reeeeally warm. So, going in after dinner and a night cap is perfect!

#2 Hotels often have locally produced gifts and beauty items in the front gift shop for sale. Farmhouse takes it a step further with what feels like an apothocary in the front reception full  of complimentary handmade soaps and scrubs. You just take a slice or (5), pop it into the little bags provided or cups with lids for the scrubs and off you go.

farmhouse inn
 My Dress c/o Catherines, available here - 0-5x great option if you need extended sizes. I'm also super into this tie dye option!

The room is other worldly. Both charming and luxurious. Of course you have the comfy bed loaded with sheets and duvets worthy of a swaddle fest, a huge television and enough storage space to bring your entire summer wardrobe. But here are more favorites!

#3 A fireplace that faces both in toward the bed and is also outside to keep the Adirondack chairs on your porch toasty!

#4 When you return to your hotel after a day of exploring the near by towns, drinking wine and submitting to the endless happiness that is California there are ... wait for it... GLUTTEN FREE, NUT FREE HOMEMADE COOKIES THAT ARE SOOOOOOOO FRIGGEN GOOD, YOU. WILL. DIE. If you has these cookies, you would understand the all caps. Do you know how many times my allergic to the world body has been denied end of day snacks because people don't care that some food kills some people? I was like, weeping. Also...there is a small carton of milk in the room refrigerator because cookies without milk are useless. Bam. 

#5 Lastly, when all is said and done - you can climb your 5'10 large body into the tube deep enough to float in, long enough to stretch without a single bend in knee (the proof is on my instagram) and relax.

Bonus!!! Or you can get into the shower that fits no less that 6 adults with some of the body scrub you took from the reception area and turn the shower into a personal steam room.

Photos by Christina Emilie
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