September 14, 2016

The Best Plus Size Army Jacket Basically, Ever

This pompom jacket means everything to me. Dramatic but, true...

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So here I am, standing on a street corner feeling like a BOSS because I love my jacket more than well, a lot of things you shouldn't love a jacket more than - and I realize, sweet baby Jesus...what if my pom-poms fall off? Who will I be then? What will come of this here life?!?

First, you panic because - duh. Then! You party. You party like you've never partied before. You show the world you can swing and shimmy from left to right with ease. You let them know what the f*!k an arm party REALLY is!


You twirl in the middle of the street and tell the world, "HEY WORLD! I'm adorned AF, deal with that. Deal. With. That." Traffic? What traffic? You cannot harm me angry, honking cars. You cannot soften my resolve to live my best life while I'm covered in trinkets!

You give them one more pose. One last moment to bask in your greatness. "Bare witness to these sleeves world!" You smile, you nod. You say "you're welcome." And then, you leave. Happy to report, I made it home all pom-poms and trinkets in tact!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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