Ditched my moto jacket for this leather trench and here's what happened...

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I know that this reference is going to require some of you to google and hopefully hit Netflix hard but, I have to be true to my heart. Some might look at this leather trench and thing, Matrix -d uh. The truth is, when I look at myself and think about who I want to be this fall it's...ok well, this is tough to explain.

Talking to my 80's kids now... (90's children, start googling) - here goes.

Remember that episode of Facts of Life when Tootie ran away? Mrs. Garrett and all the girls went to "the city" to look for her and ended up in this sleazy coffee shop. Blair of course is there and blonde and gorgeous and these other shiny lip glossed teens walk up to her and start basically trying to tell her how great their life is. 

plus size leather coat

plus size leather coat
 Obvs they were like young hookers and there was a fancy dancy pimp trying to get the girls to "sign up". Yadda yadda yadda - they found Tootie, she didn't become a hooker, all was well, the episode ended with serious music, hugs and tears. I mean, I don't really know why there was a "the more you know" prostitution special but I do know that the entire episode was shot in this coffee shop and all child Kellie could think about was how cool it looked and I really wanted a fur jacket like hooker #2 and a long leather trench like scary pimp guy. Dreams can come true!

plus size leather coat

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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