October 31, 2016

My Wash n' Go | Lazy Day Hair Styling

I get so many questions about how I style my hair. More often than not, it's these simple steps!

My curly/natural hair is absolutely nothing without water. So of course I start there. I've been using the Shea Moisture Age Defy, Color Protect shampoo ever since I dyed my hair and it works incredibly well for me. I'm not really sure what "age defying" products do for your hair TBH but heck, if my skin needs anti aging, why not my hair. This particular shampoo is very hydrating and leaves my hair easy to detangle.

As for conditioners I tend to switch these up a little more because my hair responds best that way. My current favorite is the Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Fortifying Conditioner. It's the perfect consistency for my hair, super hydrating but doesn't leave my hair heavy. It's also great if I want to be lazy and use it a couple of times a week instead of twisting my hair like a grown up.

I've been swearing by this gem ever since it came into my life! Pillow Soft Curls is everything to me. Perfect curl definition (if i want it...sometimes I like to go rogue fro and break my curls), always soft, hydrating and perfect for a wash and go or twist out. 

Finally, I use a vent brush to comb the product through and also the brush really defines my curls when I pull it through wet hair. Add a little oil - this Hydrate + Repair Argon oil of Morocco Miracle In-Shower oil is life!

Boom, and all set!

Photos by Christina Emilie
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