November 11, 2016

9 Plus Size Pieces with Frills That Thrill

dresses with pockets
All them frills y'all. All. Them. Frills!

plus size dresses
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Confession. I am frill obsessed. Frills, ruffles...whatever you want to call them. I can't get enough. Of course, more influence by the runways of Gucci but finding runway trends in plus sizes in the actual current season is making my life. Making. My. Life! I wore this dress in Paris, running around, eating crepes and avoiding pick pockets, because like - this dress has pockets!

One day I want a world renowned psychologist to explain we we go so absolutely crazy when we discover that a dress has pockets. It's a total world wide phenom! I need it explained. Below I rounded up a few of my fav frills from the internetz of your...happy shopping! 

kellie b

My Favorite Frills Right Now!

plus size dresses


plus size in paris

Photos by Christina Emilie
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