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Fashion feels really fun right now. Color me inspired.

plus size blogger
 Orange Dress | Yellow Embossed  Faux Leather Jacket | Similar Green Booties | Vintage YSL Scarf

Make no mistakes, when it comes to fashion I am a complete flip flopper. My only alliegence is to style as a broad and creative concept. If memeory serves, we were in a overtly girly trend moment when the shroud of minimalism by way of normcore took hold of our hearts and minds. Last season just felt like a directionless free for all but in truth, I love how contrary fashion cycles are - whatever new trend becomes the standard there's a sharp turn in the opposite direction. 

Right now everything is layered and layered again. Ever color print and textured mashed together producing eclectic wizardry and I'm in love. All your favorites, all at once. The best can tap into that 5 year old girl who gets to dress herself with all the whimsey and charm of unmared childlike creativity while pushing boundaries and setting new standards of beauty. Anyhooooo here's a bunch of color, yaaaaaas.

plus size blogger

plus size blogger

plus size blogger

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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