December 12, 2016

Sequins for Daytime

Sequins and ruffles don't have to be super girlie swirly.


Welcome to the no eff's zone. Not sure if you could tell but I'm no longer pressuring myself to give the people what the want. Moving forward my blog is going to be 100% what I want creatively and I really really reeeeally hope you stay with me for the ride. Blogging is such an incredible way to connect with people all over the world but I do at times feel pressure to conform in certain ways - you know what gets more likes and what people respond to and you start to lean your sensiblity that way. 

I had an interesting conversation about art, artist, art critics and how as a creative, how peoples perception or reception of what you put into the world affects your process. So right now I'm zoning out an tapping into what makes me happy. Right now, it's sparkling for the heavens to see without feeling and ounce of prissy fuss. Working on those New Year resolutions. Can you tell?

 Get the Look - My Eye Glasses

Photos by Christina Emilie
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