January 15, 2017

Them Jeans

Ugh, winter is canceled. Over it.

similar Creamy Coat | similar Nude Top | Mom Jeans | Try this chucky heeled bootie or this killer pair. Budget option here!

I'm having a bit of a denim moment it seems. This week I lived in jeans and then the Feburary issue of Glamour magazines droppedand guess who co-wrote an article about, you guessed it...jeans! Jeans are a gift from the heavens for sure, but I go back and forth between wearing them and abandoming them for more expressive fashiony feels.

These are the pair featured in Glamour and probably my favorite of "all time" (for me that means now and only now and I might hate them in 12 days, teehee).

Photos by Christina Emilie
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