February 7, 2017

9 Reasons to Abandon Your Basic Jeans

An Experiment with Paper Bag Jeans: A tale of love, loss and a woman's will to wear white sweat socks with just about anything.

Wink Tee c/o Beth Ditto | Wide Leg Raw Hem Jeans | Working Girl Socks | similar Brown Booties | similar Pink Beanie

Did I write about this yet? My no f*cks approach to getting dressed as it relates to this blog? I can't remember if we've discussed this yet, ha. 2017 is Kellie with reckless abandoned. No (self inflicted) pressure, just whatever I want to wear. This has always been my approach to fashion in my everyday life but something about blogging crippled me in a way. Instead of feeling utterly free and expressive, I've always felt a need to edit. Will they get me? Will they see beyond the fact that I'm not an hour glass girl in a body con dress? Will they accept that style goes so far beyond how "sexual" you can look. 

Screw it all. Sometimes I want to look like what is widely perceived as sexy, sometimes I want to look like a 90's gangster rapper and that's just my thing. Constant evolution. Being whoever I choose on any given day through what I put on my body. 

Rant over. Jeans are so sick right now. If all you own are basic skinny jeans and boyfriend cuts, here's your moment to venture out and try something new. I'm living for extreme wide legs and raw hems. This pair has both of those things. God is good.

Note: I know this sock addiction is sinking to new lows but I can't help but love it. I've had a hard time not pairing actual sweat socks with like dress clothes. Send help. Or, don't. I don't know yet.

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