February 12, 2017

Refresh Your Lingerie Collection

lane bryant
There's more to Valentine's Day than getting frisky and eating chocolate. You can also refresh your lingerie collection.

lane bryant

I think we all have our opinions on Hallmark holidays and yes, you should show love everyday but I think like most holidays, it's good to set aside a moment of intentional focus on le'amour. Loooooove, yasssss. 

Self love, love for your S.O., friends, whomever. I know the ideal of having a Valentine, receiving the quintessential bouquet of flowers, etc. can create a lot of pressure - especially on women but it can also be a treat YOSELF moment!

I've used to be obsessed with lingerie and have somehow fallen into sleeping in my undies like Al Bundy or a t-shirt. This felt like the perfect time to get back to myself. Wearing prettying things at night or around the house if even only for myself is a good thing. A great thing! I'm sure my guy won't mind either but truthfully, it's for me.

lane bryant

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