March 20, 2017

Rethinking the Classic Wrap Dress

March Blizzards, ami'right? Maybe Mother Nature wanted us to flex one more winter style outfit? Anyhoo, let's talk about wrap dresses!

Here's My Dress in a New Print | Bonus! My Sparkly Sweater is on sale and thin enough to wear through spring!

The wrap dress gets sort of a bad rap (ha! see what I did there?) - especially with plus size women. Probably because every "style expert" or designer will agree that the silhouette is universally flattering and that often dictates what's available in plus sizes... flattering pieces that will help thin world be less offended by your fat.

That's definitely one of the reasons my contrary ass stayed away from the style. You're not going to tell me what to wear Mr.! Add to that, the way most wrap dresses are presented ugh, no one is out here trying to look like someone's auntie while all of your friends are looking cute and popping. 

I bought this dress last season and for some reason it just spoke to me and I loved the vintage vibes of the dark floral print.  Instead of styling this dress with pointy pumps and a statement necklace, steer clear of classics and pair it with fun updated pieces to keep the dress looking fresh. Since we just had a blizzard in NYC, I've layered up for warmth but the great thing about dresses like this is that you can wear them all year round. 

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Photos by Kaye McCoy
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