May 20, 2017

Why You Can Never Say I Have Nothing to Wear Again

wedding guest outfit
Plus size occasion wear has come a hell of a long way. I'm stoked.

Get excited right now there's 20% off Occasion Wear here

We are always looking for something fun to do (at least I am) and for most of us, the second we get an invite that looks promising - wedding, spring fling, etc. we are pumped. Then your eyes scan for dress code... blamo! Cocktail attire, formal, wedding. Hearts sink. My job as also afforded me some really cool moments to get dressed and I used to dread it. Doing red carpet for clients or going to an after party for an awesome award show etc. Yay fun, except for one thing.

"But I don't want to look like the damn mother of the bride in this gross plus size occasion wear *sobs."

There are so many rad ways to get dressed up these days. This season is actually bursting with options. #searchesinboxforinvites I can't wait!

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