July 22, 2017

Not Your Grandma's Florals

I'm personally obsessed with florals, always have been but here's how I'm keeping the look fresh...

This summer I've been back and forth between mash up street style and updated classics. This outfit of course is the later. Back in my more overtly girl days (shudder) - I loved prissy florals that screamed femininity. Now a days, I go for effortless and classic with trendy or modern twists.

I paired this slightly frilly floral button down with busted knee mom jeans and the sandal of the season - a kick ass mule. Adding this really fun over the top retro sunnies also help my look sups cool. Biggest sunglasses trend - sheer frames. Not a whole lot of sun blocking happening but hell if they don't look good. My sunnies available here!

Photos by Christina Emilie
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