July 10, 2017

How to Slay in Summer

Whether it's a weekend getaway to a local airbnb or a backyard party with friends here are a few tips for a casual slay! This post is sponsored by Carmex, all opinions are my own.
It's summer, it's hot, it's sticky and you're in and out of the pool. Tip number 1 - feel free to abandon a full face of makeup. Before you panic, I know that going out without a full face on might be way outside of your comfort zone but the truth is, you're going to get an even tan, your lipstick won't be sliding all over your face from sweating, sipping cocktails and doing handstands in the pool.

The key is to bring a great pair of sunnies. Statement sunnies are a sure fire way to slay and so that you don't look completely scrub faced, pop on your favorite lip balm. I love this one from Carmex because it's super smooth, comfortable and not greasy (yuck!)

You're going to want a banging cover up! When you get out of the water and and want to lounge poolside, pop in and out of the house or grab a pair of flops and ride your bike to grab ice cream cones, the perfect coverup should take you from the pool to the street seamlessly. 

Focus on the foundations. No, not "foundation" but the building blocks of getting ready. I like to concentrate on keeping my hair, skin and lips clean and hydrated.

Next thing you know, you'll notice your comfort zone has expanded and suddenly you're ready to get dressed and head out the door makeup free as well!
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