August 16, 2017

Wearing Overalls for the First Time

My friend Alex bought me these overalls and at first I was like "umm?" but, then this happened...

 Denim Overalls | Floral Blouse | Vintage YSL Clutch | Earrings | similar Red Strappy Sandal

My favorite thing about fashion is how cyclical things are. Trends come and go and come again. We revisit decades past, each time with little updates that make things feel fresh. Such a beautiful creative expression. Then you get a pair of denim overalls - skirt formation and all in the mail and you're like "wheeet?"

I consider myself an adventurous person. Unafraid of most things when it comes to style but was a excited to dress like a toddler? Nah. Then I thought, ok're always talking about f*ck a comfort zone... so here you go. Style this baby in a way that makes you feel and look like you. Go!

Challenge accepted! I know this look may not be for everyone but it's really fun and I love it. I feel cool and modern and like me. Woot!

Photos by Christina Emilie

Check out the behind the scenes shooting this look and a sneaky peek of my next two outfits!

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