January 3, 2018

Colorful Plus Size Winter Outfit Ideas

The biggest problem I have now is finding cool pieces in fun colors. I'll explain...
On me: Teddy Coat | Sweater H&M | Skirt Premme | Pink Beret | Purple Socks 

We are all painfully aware that until a few years ago, getting dressed (well) was virtually impossible. Yes, times are better and yes, there are loads more options but - I'm still having a tough time with color and it's not my fault.

Now that clothes actually exist in sizes above a 14 and in many cases are quite fashionable (ugh, I hat that word lol.) The issue now is ok...that's cute but it's black or I like this dress but it's in "plus size blue" -  my not so affectionate term for the saddest version of cobalt blue. Like good grief there are other color options people! It's no wonder I spend so much time basking in the joys of minimal fashion, the colors are all wrong. Don't get me wrong, great colorful pieces do exist but it often feels like looking for the lost city of Atlantis to find them. I've been doing pretty good, but I want more.

Plus size fashion has come a long way but I'm tired of giving credit to the industry for doing the minimum. I've come to expect more and a couple of cardigans three shades off from the actual Pantone color of the season no longer count.

I of course scoured the internet so you don't have to. Scroll the arrows left to right for more.

More colorful options

Photos by Christina Emilie

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