January 29, 2018

Travel Beauty Holy Grails

Here are a few things I can't live without when on the road. Bonus! They all can go in my carry-on.

When it comes to beauty products and travel, my thinking is always necessities only. I've become a packing pro and over packing is my own personal hell. Who wants to lug around a bunch of stuff you don't need and won't use? Luckily some of my favorite "luxury" items come in smaller sizes and I don't have to sacrifice them to TSA. Note, by luxury I mean, I won't die without them or stink up the place i.e. soap and toothbrush.

My favorite scent in basically the world comes in this tiny but highly effective travel size. The Brazilian Crush scent is other worldly and low key drives men crazy hahaha. Great for spraying myself and keeping in my purse for run ins with unsavory smells.

The Pixi Glow tonic is plainly put, incredible. It smells great, gives me a glorious glow and I'm convinced is magically refining my pores. How Sway?! I usually pour a little into my hands and pat it into my skin. It's much more effective than a cotton pad.

Another all time favorite is the Rose Water Spray from Mario Badescu. It's calming for my skin and my soul. It layers perfectly under my primer before makeup and under my nighttime skincare routine as a first step after cleansing. Lastly, I don't consider sun screen a "luxury" but much more important but many other products have spf in them so a separate product might seem like a lot. This sunscreen from Cover FX is the single greatest thing in my routine. It is clear, sheer, smoothing and protecting my face. Yes!

Bonus - I've been testing the Dr. Brandt Needles No More via sample and OMG, amazing. More on that soon!

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