February 2, 2018

How To Look Cute With Very Little Effort

Cute and comfortable can co-exist. Here's why you shouldn't leave the house looking a mess.

This is not about perpetuating the ideal that women always need to look "perfect" or to say that we don't all have a crazy wild top knot and dirty sweats to go grab coffee moment - it's more about debunking the notion that we don't have time for style. 

If you are a busy mom, college student, international woman of mystery - whatever... you can look really cute with the same effort it takes to look a hot mess (we've ALL been there). My personal trick is to purge my closet of things that are just terrible. Ratty sweats can easily be cute sweats. Making sure I have a good number of options for those days our souls cannot bare to wear jeans or pants. I add in things that make me feel cozy AF - cute colors and silhouettes that mix and match well so when I do just grab "whatever" and throw it on, it's usually pretty darn cute.

Below are my picks for COMF IS KEY outfits. Who's ready for the weekend?

Sweat Shirts

Tights, Track Pants and Joggers

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