May 27, 2018

Billboard Music Awards 2018

There's nothing like sharing an amazing experience with an awesome group of kick ass women.

Last week I hit the Billboard Awards red carpet in Las Vegas with some of the dopest lady bosses in partnership with Uber. One of my favorite things about my job, aside from being able to connect with so many of you - is to meet incredible, creative and inspiring women who share a passion for entrepreneurism. Being an influencer these days is so much more than just snapping selfies. We work really hard, building our brands, our businesses and opportunities.

One of my biggest inspirations is music. It motivates and moves me so when Uber (my honest to goodness primary mode of transportation) asked if I wanted to check out one of musics biggest and best award shows, it was an obvious heck yeah. 

Seeing the female legends who took the stage was so much fun! Getting to do that with a group of women I admire was even better! I've been following the Quann sisters for a while. Their style and unapologetic black girl magic is awe worthy! Also there was one of my nearest and dearest Gabi Fresh who we all know and love but I also got to meet and take what is probably the most epic boomerang of all time with the one and only Patrick Starr. I also met singer song writer Bonnie Mckee who wrote "Teenage Dream" and a number of other massive hits. Total doll of a human who won my award for best accessory - hit her IG to see the telephone purse OMG. We, a diverse group of creatives having an absolute blast in celebrating the unbelievable women who took the stage left me with such a bounce in my step! What's your fav song right now??


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