July 18, 2018

5 Easy Packing Tips for a 3 Day Weekend

Summer time travel is the best! Packing can be the worst but, it doesn't have to be! My packing tips after the jump.

I recently took a three day rest and relaxation trip to Miami after a bunch of back to back work travel. I partnered with Hotel Tonight (use my code KBROWN925 for $25 off) on a stay at the stunning Nobu Hotel on Miami Beach. I'd been lugging around a giant suitcase for weeks and wanted to keep things really simple so I put to use some of my fail proof packing tips for a gal on the go who doesn't want to drag her entire life with her.

1. Suitcase over Duffle - Duffle and weekend bags are adorable but honestly, you get so much more room in a carry on suitcase. Not to mention you don't have to carry around your 50lb bag! You can also bring a small duffel as your other on plane time. I usually will stick my purse inside the duffle  bag along with anything I want easy access to on the flight. It also leaves room for collectibles you pick up on your travels. 

2. Inside the Suitcase - I get asked all the time how I fit my plus size clothing into small carry on luggage and the key is to ROLL EVERYTHING. Undies, dresses, all of it. Roll, roll, roll! There are also dope packing cubes that help consolidate items even if you just use them for under clothes and tees etc. Folding is out kids, all about the roll!

3. Plan you outfits - If you want to fit your things into a carry on and don't want to arrive feeling like you have nothing to wear, the best thing you can do is to plan your outfits. I gather any key items I want to wear or photograph when I'm traveling and create complete outfits for the exact number of days I'll be there. I know, I know - you like options but guess what, options go unworn and carried across state lines for no reason. Plan outfits you love and are excited to wear and you'll be so glad you didn't waste precious real estate in your luggage.

4. Bring versatile items - I love to bring items that can work more than one way. This yellow dress is a beach cover up but also looks really cool as a going out dress. I also pack fun accessories so I don't get bored with simple things like a swimsuit or tee and shorts. Accessories can totally change the look of something like a simple maxi dress that you might want to wear over and over again.

5. You're not going to use 25 face masks - Don't OD on your beauty products. Now is not the time to assume you'll do a 45 step night time routine when you don't normally do that at home. Pack the essentials and keep it moving. I love to try new things on the road but I'll bring trial sizes that will only last a few days anyway and you toss out the container. No need to even bring the empties home.

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