July 31, 2018

Polka Dots and the State of Plus Size Fashion

Polka dots are this summers favorite print and so many cute styles have continued to pop up, I figured I'd share a few with you lot.

I wore this dress during my recent trip to Prague and about 10 other times since I got it last summer. This exact style came from Torrid but has sold out. As I searched the interwebs to find more friendly dots, I took a moment to think about just how far we've come. Plus size women have become so vocal and so visible trends aren't popping up two seasons later in most cases, companies are slowly but surely coming around to the fact that WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT. Rather than telling us what we "should have", things that are being made in smaller sizes are not too being made by plus size retailers in real time. How about that...

I credit us. Yes us! Those of use who are pushing past marginalization and refusing to be invisible or silent. No, I don't want to dress like your grandmother or hide away until my body becomes sexually attractive to...whomever. Ok rant over. We are fly. Here are our polka dots. Amen.

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