August 12, 2018

5 Reasons Not To Be Upset By Your Clothes Size

So many of us get caught up by what size is listed on our clothes and the truth is, it doesn't matter!

I just did a fun try on video with my family. Karla and my 'big cousin" (she's 5'3, ha!) Niccole came up to hang out with me for the day. I was sharing some of my clothes with Cole and helping her pick out some fun things for a cruise she's going on - so we had fun making the above video trying on clothes for my youtube channel

Here's the thing, if you saw my last post where I tried on clothes from Fashion Nova - everything I got was in a 3x and it mostly fit Karla! She didn't say "oh no! that's a 3x I'm not putting that on. Niccole is about a size 20 and the pieces I had for her were a 3x which fit perfectly fine. I've heard so many people get down on themselves when shopping and refusing to size up or try other things because the size on the tag can be triggering. Here are five reasons to get over it!

1. Whether we like it or not, most clothing sizes - especially within fast fashion, are wildly inconsistent. 
2. Different brands use different types of fit models so sometimes an item is literally not cut for your body type so you may have an issue with the arms or bust or hips being to small or big.
3. Vanity sizing is totally a thing! So if you're feeling great about wearing a size 6 or 10 or 14 at Old Navy for example - they cut large.
4. It would suck to miss out on an item that you really love because of the number inside of a tag that no one will see anyways.
5. Most importantly, your self worth isn't valued by what you see on a clothing tag. You're amazing regardless of what it says.

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