August 20, 2018

7 Better Than Basic Tee Shirts to Love

I'm a big fan of the basic tee but there's a new bunch of baddies popping up that aren't just logo, they are all cool and designy and what not. Take a look...


Let's call this one of those times where you get the gift of hindsight, it being 20/20 and all. It goes something like this... basic tees are great, but these are amazing. You'll see your favorite celeb or influencer in a kick a$$ tee, then your bff, your sister, your therapist and you'll feel a longing like you've never felt before. Sadness will wash over you. Didn't I read about these fly shirts? Wasn't I warned I'd want one? Now my favorite is sold out in my size, the size up and down from my size. I'm screwed. I was defiant, was it worth it? Answer, no. 

Get the shirts y'all. Get. The. Shirts!

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