August 31, 2018

California Dreaming

NYC used to be my happy place, but things are changing.

I just got back from California and each time I go, the pull to stay longer and longer is even stronger and stronger (ha! poetry...) Anyhoo, I'm in such great debate about my future and what I want my life to look like and I'm not even sure why I'm talking about this here but I wanted to be more open, share my thoughts and feelings beyond my outfits and this is what's pressing most.

I picked up and moved to NYC on a whim when I was 21 and never looked back. The city that never sleeps groomed me, shaped me and helped hone my hustle game - strong! The older I get I relish in suburban activities - Target runs and the like. I'm also not too sure I want to continue to face the harsh winters forever. Who knows where life will lead me but right now I'm happiest surrounded by palm trees!

In other news while in LA I picked up a few pieces from the new Wild Fable collection from Target and I'm really into them! There's a lot more online than in store for plus sizes - scroll down for more! I've also done a haul video trying on the pieces I bought which you can check out here. This vintage-y pink dress is a fav.

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