August 18, 2018

Classic Doesn't Have To Mean Boring

I know that I float back and forth between minimal and maximal style but my tried and true is a perfect wrap dress. P.S. this one is currently 40% off. Uh huh, now you're excited!

This has been the summer of the wrap dress and though I'm not sure if we can call classics a trend, this silhouette is definitely having her moment. The truth is that I always loved a good wrap dress (almost as much as I love a good sale, ha!) but I did spend a lot of time avoiding them because I felt like it was a little boring. 

Don't clutch your pearls, it's not the first time I've been wrong. Lately brands have just been getting them right. Like this stripe, are we dying? I am! The pencil thin white stripe, perfect sleeve, tulip-esque hem but just a touch. It feels both timeless and modern all at once. 

So this is my first time shopping the new Loft plus size collection. Honestly I wasn't sure what to think so I just put my trust in the brand and ordered my true size which worked out perfectly. I ordered a few things which I've tried on for my YouTube channel and LOVED them. I tried not to go crazy on my first order because I wasn't sure about the fit and quality so I only got 5 things but I could have easily ordered 10 more things hahaha. I've linked to a few more things that I'm loving from the site and now that I know the fit is spot on and the quality is great, I'll be adding a few more things to my shopping cart. Your girl is not about to ignore these labor day deals!

This post is in partnership with Loft. All opinions are my own.

What I'm loving from Loft

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