August 7, 2018

I Wore Walmart Clothes for a Week

Shopping on a budget doesn't have to mean forgoing your personal style. Here's my week in plus size clothes from Walmart!
I was in Philly recently hanging out with Karla and we made a Walmart run (for allergy pills, haha!) and I wandered over into the plus size clothing section just to see what they had. I knew Walmart has a new(ish) plus collection - I was lucky enough to work on a sponsored post with them during the launch but I haven't been in since then. I remember nabbing a few killer pieces from Walmart in the past even though I don't shop there super regularly.

I had this kick ass black flouncy skirt from a Norma Kamali collab - deeply regret getting rid of it I had it for like a decade. I've got a few sport bras, under clothes and a couple dresses in the past year. So when popping into the plus section - which is soooo much smaller than the "regular" size clothing - as in most stores, I did see a few things that popped out at me. So, I had the idea to grab what I like and wear Walmart clothing for a week. The video below is my journey into a week of Walmart. 

The most important thing to remember when shopping on a budget is that you don't have to forgo your personal style. I picked things that I thought would work well with things that are already in my wardrobe. Adding accessories can really punch things up and mixing prints/ patterns totally can elevate a look. Hope you enjoy the video and scroll down to shop some of my current favs!

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