August 15, 2018

Is This the End of My Blog?

Andigetdressed was born in 2011... is this the end?

For those of you who haven't been with me since the beginning, my blog used to be called Fatshion Insider. There was a bunch of reasons I chose that name - taking ownership of the word "fat", "fatshion" was a really popular phrase at the time, there was a show "Fashion Insider" that I was obsessed with as a kid where this woman would go behind the scenes at shows and with designers and lastly I was coming from the world of Fashion PR and had already done a lot of what bloggers at the time were striving to do. I've sat front row at shows (with clients or celebs - not because I personally was cool), I had great relationships with many brands because of my PR job etc. So it made sense. 

Many bloggers when through re-brandings as well started to grow and opportunities beyond our small fat girl corner of the interwebs started to present themselves. I remember when I was still under my original name being contacted by Bloomingdales to host an in-store event, I was SHOOK. We had lots of chats and talked about fees ($1500 for a newbie blogger in 2010, holy sh*t!), everything was going great. They liked me, Kellie Brown and leading up to the event, the rep asked me "what's your blog name again?"... "Fatshion Insider" I told her, boom - it was over. The conversation slowed then halted and I never heard from them again. I knew it was time for a name change.

That wasn't the only reason of course, I'd outgrown it and wanted something that represented me outside of my body type. I chose And I Get Dressed because I knew I wanted the content that I created to be more than just about what I wore. Fashion would be the exclamation point to all of the many other things I love to do and wanted to share with my audience. 

I worked really hard at focusing on the things I'm good at, the things that set me apart and it was starting to pay off. People noticed, magazines, noticed and brands noticed. Life was good. When Instagram took over our lives the blog just felt more like a place to post photos and tell people when I got my clothes (it was kind of always that) but I used to tell more stories, or be a bit more antidotal. Not sure if I just got bored or lazy or both but I became a shitty blogger. Focused mostly in social media and then youtube. Oh my dear sweet youtube haha. What drew me is was the fact that I saw the world changing and knew that video would be where it's at. What has kept me is that I absolutely love being on camera. I love thinking of concepts, I love filming - doing the camera work, thinking about shots, documenting my life and outfits and and and and. Ugh, so fun. Then I learned how to edit. I saw with Final Cut Pro for 2 days until I could do the things I need to do to make the kinds of videos I like to make and fell even more in love. 

Having spent the last 2 years on Youtube but really focusing on it in a dedicated way all of 2018 this blog became even more of an after thought. Most of my paid gigs were on IG and Youtube quickly proved to be profitable so why do it all? I've been throwing up half ass content this year and when I sat down to think about if I even want to continue blogging, the answer is yes. I really loved this at one point. Writing and sharing this way. Youtube is amazing because of the community. The comments, the instant gratification of seeing how well a video does and seeing the highlights of your life played back for you. But this was good too once. It was great and I want to get back to it! I want to share more via the written word. 

So this is my commitment. I will not ignore this blog, I want to share my thoughts, what I think is cool, beautiful or wonderfully wearable! All of it! I hope you will join me on this rebirth of the blog. I'm thinking I might want to work on a new look and feel too but that's always such an investment - I'll think about it hahaha. Anyways - If any of you are still there, I love you and I'll do better, here. 

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