August 23, 2018

Travel is an Act of Self Love

How do you show yourself love? I love to take myself places! - In Partnership with Uber 

I've spoken a little bit about my experiences traveling - about how I try not to let personal insecurities or other people's opinion of me shape my decision making. One of the most important things for me to constantly remind myself is that I deserve to be here - whether on a plane, train or automobile. A fun bar on a beach in Miami, the magical city of New Orleans, anywhere my heart desires. I champion positive change with self-love as a black and plus size woman in a world that doesn’t always acknowledge my beauty and worth by living my best life and sharing it online to inspire others and to help someone who looks like me feel represented. 

This summer has been filled with fun trips some abroad and many local. The funny thing is that I can't drive - nope, no license so I rely heavily on Uber to get around NYC, the country and the world! I'm so proud to partner with Uber as the company focuses on promoting diversity (with employee resource groups such as UberHue) and the advancement of women by using my voice to empower other women to use their voices to challenge and defy those that might try to box us in (with employee resource groups such as Women of Uber ).

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