August 16, 2018

You'll Want to Wear these Plus Size Gauchos Everyday Too

Could you wear the same pants everyday for a week? Would you want to? I did and here's what happened!

My friends at ManRepeller tasked me to pick one item from my closet and to rock it for a week - you can check out the full story here! The shoot was scheduled and re-scheduled 100 times because of my crazy summer travel dates. When it was finally time to shoot we were in the middle of a heat wave, I'm was overwhelmed with the amount of work due and didn't really have time to think about 5 entire outfits for a website that I admire and am so honored that they even know who I am and like love my style haha.

I decided on a pair of gaucho pants I recently purchased because I've been obsessed with easy swingy pants all year long and figured there was plenty of room to get creative in how I approach the outfits. Of course I waited until the last possible second and about an hour before the shoot was to begin pulled out a bunch of random things from my wardrobe and started to mash things up.

The reason I love ManRepeller so much is because duh Leandra is one of the most stylish humans on the planet but once the site became more than her personal style the stories were fun to read, the styling spoke to me, the concept of not dressing for some dumb dude (or smart dude) was like ANGELS SINGIIIIIIIIING. Can I look cool? Can I not worry about pushing my tits up to be attractive? Can I clash the frig out of everything and blow my mind and the mind of 4 stylish strangers on the street? Yes, Leandra said yes.

ManRepeller was also one of the more forward sites that acknowledged that style has nothing to do with your size and when they found me, never asked me to do any stupid "dressing for your body" crap or ask me idiotic questions about my confidence or plus size journey. They were like "Hey Kell, you're a bad bih, wanna hang?" And I was all like - totally.

Incase you'd like to wear gauchos, look at gauchos or meditate on ways to wear them. Here are 15 pairs I'd love to wear/probably already ordered! Scrooooll down.

Them pants though...

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