September 12, 2018

This Hashtag Changed Me #FatAtFashionWeek

I went from feeling like the only one to one of many... #fatatfashionweek

What started as a passing thought has really affected my perception of Fashion Week. I told the story of how #FatAtFashionWeek came to me in this article in Glamour Magazine. It was quick and automatic but the sentiment is lasting.

I've been going to NYFW for basically my entire adult life. I came to NYC around 22 years old and started working in fashion about a year later. At first my intro to fashion week was about taking clients so attending shows was fun but not really about me. I then ended up doing some work behind the scenes and eventually helping produce a few shows myself. 

Attending as an influencer was totally different at first. No more cushy seats - it was like starting all over. It felt like a lot of work to attend events that literally were not for me. Fight my way into shows where none of the clothes are for me and none of the models will represent me. So, NYFW became a place where it was good to network a little, try to meet new people or brands and that was it. 

The industry has come SO far since when I first started going, hell even the last few years have been different but for the first time, I took my own advice and said I belong here. I attended more shows than I have in recent years, put myself out there more, attended more events and had an over all great time. I remembered why I started working in fashion - because I love it, I'm passionate about style and have always wanted to shatter the mold rather than beat myself up for not fitting into it. Imagine a world where women like Fern Mallis and Pat McGrath couldn't exist. There are so many women outside of the "fashion industry norm" revolutionizing the game - magazine editors, stylists, makeup artists, PR flack, event producers, influencers - the list goes on. I'm glad I came, I'm not leaving.

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