October 1, 2018

Why I'm Diving Head First into These Fall Trends

Kellie loves trends, duh but I'm also selective. Here's why these 5 work for me!

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1. Blazers are timeless but are having an especially cool moment! My current favorites are oversized, boyfriend cuts in unexpected colors and textures.
2. Sheer sunglasses have little function but lots of style. Yellow works really well for me with lavender as a close second.
3. Bike shorts are either the greatest thing to happen to you or the worst thing to happen to you. No matter where you land on the matter, I'm here to say - THEY ARE THE BEST THING EVER!
4. Sneakers with everything. Sneakers with everything. Sneakers with everything.
5. Sack bag aren't just for middle school kids on their way to basketball camp. Someone said they are chic, they've popped up everywhere and I'm a believer. Pop colors are best, I wouldn't invest in a luxury option that's why this one from Target has stolen my heart.

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