November 21, 2018


This may seem silly but I guess I’m one of those people who take technology for granted.

Most of us have grown up in an era where things like email and the World Wide Web aren’t mind blowing but it really is. Now that we live in our phones and are used to our every whim being a click away - my mind rarely turns to the fact that we, people... actual humans are creating this stuff!
Last week I headed to San Francisco with Uber to check out AfroTech, a tech conference focusing on creating visibility and opportunity for black people. Uber is one of those - I totally take you for granted apps that I use every single day (your girl can’t drive lol). I of course realize it came from somewhere but when getting the chance to see some of the many very real people behind making the company run was so cool.
UberHue is an employee resource group that celebrates and supports black team members and is helping shape the culture of the brand. We chatted with everyone from programmers to operations managers while at the conference! It was so incredible to see so many black men and women doing important jobs that help make Uber what it is today. My daily interactions with drivers have lead to some really incredible conversations but to also see the techies was also eye opening and really cool!

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